Depop Application Extension

Depop is a popular clothing resale market place application where people from all over the world are able to upload their clothing and accessories to be sold online. There are many other websites that allow the customer to create and purchase their own designs on clothing. As a means to combine Depop with other online clothing design applications different layouts for buttons and settings were added to the Depop mobile application. The profile icon is moved up to the top of the screen next to the cart and replaced with the "create new design" icon at the bottom right.


Augmented Reality 

The main issue for customers that shop at clothing design stores online, is not being able to see what the article of clothing looks like before buying it. The solution to this issue was to provide an augmented reality magic mirror device to allow customers to edit and view clothing on their body before purchasing an item. When redesigning the Depop application the option to view and edit clothing was added as an extension to the Depop mobile application.  

Mirror Design

The menu provided in the magic mirror extension of the Depop application provides shirts, pants, hats, and bags. Each of the item buttons displays the price, as well as the option to change designers, threads / fabric type, and designs. In this extension there are buttons to change size and color as well as the option to add a design. In the add design button the options allow the customer to choose from friend designs, their own designs, as well as using their camera to scan in more designs.


User Map