Mazi Suhi Grill

Mazi sushi grill & bar is an always fresh sushi company that prides themselves on bringing the flavors they love from their home into a modern American bar setting. The brand embodies the professional and modern aspects of the company’s identity while complementing the pride of culture and tradition as well. Here at Mazi sushi grill we receive fresh shipments of fish every morning before opening. We pride ourselves on having the freshest fish available for our customers to buy and enjoy. As our motto says, we believe we provide “delight in every bite”


User Map



A part of Mazi Sushi bars rebrand design included a new and improved application for customers to use from the comfort of their home. The pages shown above are two of the application pages. The screen on the right is the home screen that would pop up when the customer opens the application. The second photo is the screen the customer sees when checking out with their order. 

How Might We




Once Mazi logo was rebranded, the company wanted their new logo to be showcased on merchandise and brand points. Through the use of this redesigned logo Mazi was able to design a billboard sign, logo packaging, cooking apron and mugs for the kitchen, T-shirt and tote bag, as well as signs for inside and outside the grill.