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Napolis Italian Pizza is a locally owned Italian delivery restaurant outside of North Dallas. Napolis struggled with finding the most efficient way of completing delivery orders. Designing a mobile app used by the customers and the drivers allows for many time related pain points smooth over. Notifications designed to keep the customer updated to avoid call backs or cancellations that set Napolis back during a busy Friday night dinner. 


Menu Page

Menu page allows customers to view food pricing as well as ingredients before adding and item to their order. Selection of different food options that allows the customer to switch between which kinds of food they chose to order. Before checking out of the app allows the customer to check and make sure their order and personal information for their order is all correct.


Sign In / Sign Up

The sign in page allows the customer to create an account or sign in to an already existing account if they are a frequent customer. Check boxes are included on the sign in page to allow the customers to choose if they would like to receive update notifications. 

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3.1. Login - light.png
3.1. Login - light-1.png

Maps pages

The maps feature in Napolis pizza delivery application shows a live update as well as notifications to the customer’s phone. Notifications such as when the pizza is on the way to the customer, if there is any traffic complications, or complications finding the customers address. 

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Notifications page

The notification feature allows live updates to be sent to the customer to avoid them calling back and blocking phone lines. Once the food leaves the kitchen the customer receives a notification that their food is on the way to them. If there is a complication due to traffic or if the driver cannot find the address they were given, the application is able to send a notification to update the customer on their order.

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User Map

User Map.JPG
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How Might We

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