A diving computer is an essential piece of safety equipment, especially for your first dive. It prevents accidents by measuring depth, dive duration, and the ascending speed. Buying a diving computer, compass, and camera separately for your dive can get pricey over time and not to mention they are bulky and can weigh you down while diving. At DIVEBUDDY, we thought of bringing the convenience of having a smartphone always on hand, with the technology of monitoring your dive. Our product includes a dive computer, compass, and logbook all in the palm of your hand. DIVEBUDDY is the only existing dive computer with an all-in-one solution.

Home Page

The home page starts off with a preview of the product. As the viewer scrolls down the website, different benefits as well as special features of this product are shown. A short video providing more information on how the product is used. Followed by a list of safety features and accessories on the product that are beneficial to the user.


Product Page

The product page shows the Divebuddy product and allows for customization. Below the product includes more helpful information for beginners as well as a section allowing other customers to provide a testimonial of their positive experiences with Divebuddy. Providing different experience levels and positive comments shows how anyone can use this product no matter what level of experience.


Check Out page

The Checkout page provides different options on payment and shipping methods for the Divebuddy as well as a preview summary of the order. This page allows the customer to fill out their contact information as well as billing and shipping information. We allow for the customer to view the details of their order as a way of double checking all their information and order is correct.


Exit Page


On the last page of the site Divebuddy congratulations the customer on their new purchase. Information regarding the processed order is sent to the customers email. The order number for customers to track their package location is shown, as well as a link to our application and social medias are linked 

Wire frame sketches


Here are some of the sketches that started off the design layout for this website rebrand. Wire frames allow the designer to show what / how long term decisions start and evolve.


User map

divebuddy user map.JPG